Client Testimonial

A lovely review from a client in her early 20s. I am so grateful that someone would take the time to write such a lovely review and hope that this will encourage others to ask for support.

I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life and did not think it was something I could ever gain control over. It would block me from meeting new people , healthy relationships, continuing education , changing careers and simply socialising . When I met Donna I was at my rock bottom and even experienced feeling suicidal but within just a few weeks of sessions I was shown an entire new way to live .

Anxiety is a clever thing , it is difficult to live with but those same feelings will lead you to believe that it will be more difficult if you could let it go . It is very easy to get comfortable and feel like the anxiety is all that represents you , and it can almost become too daunting to get any help because of that uncertainty , that worry of who will I become if I am not this ?

I can now say firsthand , getting the help was the best thing I ever did . The person I have become is one I’m already more proud of than I ever thought possible . I put my blind faith into Donna’s coaching and I’m so glad I did – her compassionate nature and unique techniques have equipped me , not for only now but for the rest of my life . She enabled me to deal with negative thoughts/feelings that may trigger anxiety in a much healthier and permanent way .

Thanks to Donna , I no longer suffer from panic attacks and the intense anxiety / depression I lived with for years. It no longer takes over my life or defines who I am . Her help has allowed me to become a much better version of myself , so much so , that I am inspired every day to help others experiencing similar mental health issues and I’m comfortable to share my own experience with others now too so that they can get the help they deserve .

This is not just a profession for Donna , she is dedicated to coaching people through life and that passion truly radiates in every single session you will have with her . I feel so grateful to have met such a kind , understanding and loving soul. She is a light that you will never forget .

Thank you so much Donna. HM , Paisley

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