Donna has been key in transforming the life of our family . I came to Donna with my 13 year old son who was having trouble and anxiety at school. He was hating school and leaving early, missing classes. Some days he refused to go in. I thought he was just being difficult and lazy and his behaviour spilled out into home life causing disruption for everyone.

I was very sceptical that he would open up to Donna and he agreed to see her very reluctantly . After only 2 sessions we noticed a massive difference in him and his attitude towards school . Donna gave him simple techniques to follow if he was feeling anxious or panicked . He still gets worked up but much less often and calms down much quicker . He tells her how he has been feeling and school is not a problem anymore . This has all resulted in a much happier family life . We owe this to Donna.

AL, Troon

I went to see Donna because my daughter told me to as she thought that I was struggling. I thought I was doing just fine!

I initially went just to keep my daughter quiet , but even after that first meeting , I found I was feeling better about myself and how I saw things. Over the weeks , my meetings with Donna really helped me towards unscrambling all my muddled thoughts and feelings and improvised my understanding of things that had shaped me over time. Donna is perceptive and compassionate. She is very easy to talk to , never intrusive and I found that I trusted her completely.

She showed me ways to manage my stresses and I have found that so useful. I really wish that I had come across this earlier.

As a retired secondary school teacher , I could see that many of the pupils in my classes found it so hard to navigate their teenage years . I’m sure that is still happening now and I think Donna could help these young people to understand their world and help them build up resilience.

Donna’s patience and understanding means I could recommend her to all needing a hand to find calm and acceptance.

CK, Glasgow

I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life and did not think it was something I could ever gain control over. It would block me from meeting new people, healthy relationships, continuing education, changing careers and simply socialising. When I met Donna I was at my rock bottom and even experienced feeling suicidal but within just a few weeks of sessions – I was shown an entire new way to live.

Anxiety is a clever thing , it is difficult to live with but those same feelings will lead you to believe , that it will be more difficult if you could let it go . It is very easy to get comfortable and feel like the anxiety is all that represents you , and it can almost become too daunting to get any help because of that uncertainty, that worry of, who will I become if I am not this?

I can now say firsthand, getting the help was the best thing I ever did. The person I have become is one I’m already more proud of than I thought possible . I put my blind faith into Donna’s coaching and I’m so glad I did – her compassionate nature and unique techniques have equipped me , not for only now but for the rest of my life. She enabled me to deal with negative thoughts/ feelings that may trigger anxiety , in a much healthier and permanent way

Thank to Donna, I no longer suffer from panic attacks and the intense anxiety/ depression I lived with for years , it no longer takes over my life or defines who I am. Her help has allowed me to become a much better version of myself, so much so , that I am inspired every day to help others experiencing similar mental health issues and I am comfortable to share my own experience with others now too , so that they can get the help they deserve.

This is not just a profession for Donna, she is dedicated to coaching people through life and that passion truly radiates in every single session you’ll have with her. I feel so grateful to have met such a kind, understanding and loving soul. She is a light that you will never forget.

Thank you so much Donna

HM, Paisley


This is my story..

I am a teacher. Teachers need help too . Our job is to support , encourage and inspire pupils but we all have “blips” in our life when we realise that we are struggling to do this for ourselves .

I met Donna at a Conference and realised very quickly that people naturally gravitated towards her . I remember thinking , even then , that Donna would be an important contact if I felt that any of my pupils or friends needed specialised emotional support, not thinking for a moment that I would be contacting her for my own needs.

The first consultation was free . This is important to establish a good connection and decide if you can trust the person with your most vulnerable thoughts and feelings . At that time I felt that I would never be normal “me” again. Over the course of a number of sessions , Donna listened and worked with me to help me cope between appointments using strategic “tools” particular to my emotional needs. I won’t pretend that progress happened overnight , but I did the use the tools at “significant” times and they did help.

Looking back I think that the first 3 or 4 sessions were the most crucial to my recovery but I chose to keep going for a bit longer because I was making life changing decisions and I wanted the security of being able to stay motivated .

Friends and family noticed the difference before I did , making comments about how energised and cheerful I became , back to “me” again. Being able to make important decisions about my life instead of hiding away.

Six weeks later…. I cannot emphasise enough about how important it is to realise you need help and to reach out for it as quickly as possible….to the right person. Now as a person and a teacher , I recognise Donna’s genuine gift to connect with both adults and teenagers providing a supportive cocoon – a confidential and safe space to work in.

Words aren’t enough to describe my good fortune at meeting Donna ( some would say there is no such thing as coincidence!) but this feeling of wellbeing means that I want to keep the motivation to pick myself up if I ever slip back again. Ms C , Ayrshire

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