Anxiety Support for teenage boy

Donna has been key in transforming the life of our family. I came to Donna with my 13 year old son who was having trouble and anxiety at school. He was hating school and leaving early, missing classes. Some days he refused to go in. I thought he was just being difficult and lazy and his behaviour spilled out into home life causing disruption for everyone.

I was very sceptical that he would open up to Donna and he agreed to see her very reluctantly. After only 2 sessions we noticed a massive difference in him and his attitude towards school. Donna gave him simple techniques to follow if he was feeling anxious or panicked. He still gets worked up but much less often and calms down much quicker.

He tells her how he has been feeling and school is not a problem anymore . This has all resulted in a much happier family life . We owe this to Donna.

AL, Troon

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